Some feedback on the EP ‘Temilia and the Passions’

TemiliaAndThePassions_Front600.jpg”We like Fridays. Everybody likes Fridays. But if you are having a particularly terrible Friday, take a listen to “Where The Rainbows Meet” by Temilia and the Passions. I love the melody in this song because it’s a bit sullen and Temilia’s voice is utterly mesmerizing. Oh and the lyrics are pretty darn awesome too.” Abduction Radiation

Raw Ramp Music Mag describes the tone as ”bright-eyed and breath-catching. Sometimes the voice is honey-sweet high. Other times, it tumbles down. To lurk within the kindly idleness” (Mach, 2014).

””Where the Rainbows Meet” is a perfect mood dream-pop track that backs up Temilia’s voice with a guitar-laden arrangement with sublte drum beats. It’s perfect track to listen to in a chill morning or as you lay down at night” (Dee, 2014). The Magic Room Project

A ”band to watch out for” according to Fresh Independence.

Thanks for your kindness and for spreading the word!
Love, Temilia


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